Spark Fiber is an affordable local internet provider, we provide reliable internet service up to 10Gbps.


Our Current Service Offerings

Up to 100 MBPS

for $39.99 per month

Up to 1000 MBPS

for $69.99 per month

WHY SparkFiber

Spark Fiber, LLC is an Internet Service Provider in Flint, Mi providing ludicrously fast internet speeds to Flint residents and small businesses. We believe in honest pricing and digital inclusion. Customer based desicions and amazing service are at the heart of everything we do here at Spark Fiber.


  • Began SPARKfiber Feasibility Study

    JULY 2015

    In July 2015, we started developing our plan to lay fiber optic infrastructure and determined the financial feasibility of building a residential and commercial network in Genesee County.

  • SPARKfiber, LLC was Born.

    NOVEMBER 2015

    By November 2015, we determined Flint could not only support fiber infrastructure but deserved superior internet access. We decided as residents we were uniquely qualified to take up this cause and we weren’t going to wait for someone to do it for us. We spoke to potential customers and SPARKfiber was born.

  • The Ordering Frenzy Began...

    DECEMBER 2015

    We ordered everything from bandwidth to hardware to tools and began designing our network. We went on an ordering rampage; we even picked up a few paintings and plants!

  • We Found a Home!

    DECEMBER 15, 2015

    SPARKfiber found a temporary home in the heart of Central Park. Our neighbors have been exceptionally supportive and are ready to lead the way. We look forward to working with this community before expanding to other parts of the city!

  • Green Light Competition

    JANUARY 27, 2016

    To spread the word further, we competed in the local Greenlight Flint competition. We met lots of people ready to drop their traditional internet service providers and help us build a network for and by Flint residents.

  • Bandwidth Install!

    JANUARY 28, 2016

    Our temporary wireless backbone is in place and broadcasting internet to our Central Park neighbors. We love working with the professionals at 123Net and look forward to expanded business relationships in the near future.

  • Central Park

    FEBRUARY 2016

    Our first residential neighborhood occurred in Central Park between downtown and the Cultural Center. The company offered a high speed wireless service to neighborhood residents and businesses.

  • Fiber Officially Arrives!

    MAY 2016

    A fiber backbone was developed into our neighborhood hub in early May and immediately begin connecting neighbors with the fastest internet access available. We began building out affordable fiber internet customers as well as continue to offer high speed internet service.

  • Expanded Network Footprint

    JANUARY 2017

    Spark Fiber is now looking to expand beyond the initial Central Park pilot neighborhood. The company is investigating other downtown neighborhoods and eventually will build out to the rest of our great city. Send in your contact information today to make sure your neighborhood is next on our list!